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Change the world Model United Nations USA 2023


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The Change the World Model United Nations (CWMUN) is an annual international meeting attended by more than 3500 students from all over the world, in which they debate the major issues of the international political agenda. The 2018/19 CWMUN World Tour will bring together the world’s most excellent delegates and advisors and, at the same time, it will let applicants discover the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world.

Additionally, the Change the World Model United Nations – one in a hundred MUN Conferences – every year selects and plans special educational activities choosing among the most important global issues to be addressed to the Committees (for example: global warming and climate change, water shortages and sanitation, peace and security, human rights, poverty and hunger, social and economic development, globalization). During Conference, students from different countries work together in order to present concrete solutions to the matters under discussion, as if they were in a real world forum, studying and discussing key geopolitical issues.

CWMUN is the first academic simulation organized in New York by a non-American Association. Thanks to the strong collaboration between the association and UNA USA, thanks to the learning model Global Classroom, the project puts under the spotlight the training model on which the experiences linked to Model United Nations are based. It gets strength not just from the contents, but above all from the aptitude of stirring up and focusing on the personal and relational features of the individual.

The possibility of competition with other people and the attempt to convince them that applicants ideas are the best even if they represent different cultural and political interests, require a deep knowledge of cultural identities. The respect of such differences, without ever giving up to a constructing criticism, the skill of problem solving, the determinations in defending applicants position without ever refusing to confront with the other’s ones, these are essential elements in order to obtain a diffused approval and establish the practice of a positive leadership.

Such model being constantly enforced, with the English language as main instrument in a fully international background, it represents the very distinguishing mark for a productive entrance in the field of global working. CWMUN offers to thousands of students an efficient training ground based on the method called “learning by doing”.


Change the World Model United Nations USA 2023 Details

  • Organization: CWMUN
  • Degree level: Leadership, All-Academic Field
  • Nationality: International
  • Country: USA
  • Deadline: Ongoing


Change the World Model United Nations USA 2023 Financial Benefits

Accurately reproducing the actual working procedures of the major UN multilateral bodies, CWMUN gives participants the opportunity to take on the role of ambassadors to the UN, representing the viewpoint of a single Member State or a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) within several different committees. During the conference, students from different countries cooperate with each other to build concrete proposals, negotiate to reach consensus, and eventually pass resolutions that represent the results of an intercultural creative process addressed to face our world’s most pressing troubles

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Change the World Model United Nations USA 2023 Eligibility Criteria

  1. Open to mid-school, high school and University student
  2. If you are a young leader from any part of the world.
  3. Ability to pay the conference fee and cover all expenses to New York (scholarships may be available for conference fees)

Note: IELTS/TOEFL Language Certificate is Not a Mandatory to Apply.

How to Apply for Change the World Model United Nations USA 2023

There is an Online Application Portal to apply for Change the World Model United Nations USA 2023, create an application, and schedule to do a simple skype interview.

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