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Lithuania State Scholarships 2024-25 | Study in Europe

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Applications are open for the Lithuania State Scholarships 2024-2025. The Lithuania State Scholarship is an amazing opportunity to study free in Europe. Lithuania State Scholarship is a financial aid program offered by the Lithuanian government for international students, which includes short-term studies like 1-2 semester study in Lithuanian Universities. The Lithuania State Scholarship in Europe will cover the full tuition fee and living expenses. The Lithuanian State Scholarship 2024 is designed to provide financial support for international students who wish to pursue their higher education in Lithuania with a scholarship.

These scholarships are available to international students from different parts of the world. Students from various study fields are eligible for this international scholarship program. The scholarship amount ranges from 550 to 1100 euros per month, depending on the study level and the chosen program. The Lithuanian state scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for international students to study in Lithuania and gain valuable knowledge in their chosen fields. The Lithuania State Scholarships in Europe are of two types: one is a Short-Term Studies scholarship, and the other one is a Lithuanian Short-Term Studies scholarship.

Short-Term Studies scholarship is for 1-2 semesters of studies. The number of Short-Term Studies scholarships is up to 35. European Scholarships for short-term studies in Lithuania are offered to students who are citizens of some of the eligible countries (you will find them below). Scholarships for Lithuanian Short-Term Studies include Short-term (1-2 semesters) Lithuanian studies (which includes at least 50% of the subjects related to Lithuanian studies). The number of Lithuanian Short-Term Studies scholarships for foreigners is 15, and for students, lecturers, and researchers of Lithuanian science centers, it is 30. Students for the short-term Lithuanian studies scholarships must choose and design their study program in such a way that at least 50% of their degree subjects are related to Lithuanian studies, which may include subjects such as Lithuanian philology, literature, culturology, linguistics, Lithuanian history, ethnology, and folklore, etc.

Lithuania is one of the developed nations of northern Europe. The Lithuanian higher education institution provides different programs for bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Furthermore, Lithuania provides affordable living and offers excellent value for money. There are many working opportunities in Lithuania. Another benefit of studying in Lithuania is that students, after graduating, can stay in the country for 15 months to look for any work or job.

More Details About Lithuania State Scholarships 2024 in Europe:

Lithuania Scholarship Duration:

1-2 Semesters (Short Term)

Types of Lithuania State Scholarships:

1) Scholarships for Short-Term Studies:

Number of scholarships: up to 35

Eligible Countries: Azerbaijan, Australia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Canada, Georgia, India, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Moldova, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Pakistan, Republic of South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam.

Foreigners of Lithuanian origin (from all foreign countries).

2) Scholarships for Lithuanian Short-Term Studies:

Number of scholarships: up to 45

Eligible Countries: Any Country

  • Country: Lithuania
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: April 15, 2024

Eligibility Criteria for the Lithuania State Scholarships 2024:

  • Applicants must receive official approval of acceptance from their chosen Lithuanian higher education institution.
  • They must be a student of a higher education institution abroad.
  • Applicants must have good knowledge of Lithuanian, English, or any other language that is required to study in their chosen study program (the minimum B2 level of study language).
  • Applicants must meet all the requirements of the scholarship to which they are applying.

Benefits of the Lithuanian Scholarship Program 2024:

  • Students approved for short-term studies will get a monthly scholarship of 550 EUR. For Scholarships for Lithuanian Short-Term Studies, students will get a monthly scholarship of 850 EUR.
  • The exact sum of the total amount is according to the number of days of their studies; thus, slight variations in the monthly scholarship might occur.
  • Tuition fees for studies will be covered in both scholarships.
  • Furthermore, students will get work opportunities in Lithuania.
  • International students can get a chance to do a Part-time Job to cover their other expenses.

Required Documents for the Lithuania State Scholarships 2024:

  • The Conditional Agreement for Studies
  • One recommendation letter
  • Certificate of Language proficiency

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