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World Forum for Democracy 2022 | France

Deadline: 1 December 2022.

world forum for democracy, Travel to France

World forum for democracy is an opportunity to travel to France 2022 to participate on the The theme “Democracy: A new hope?” The Council of Europe welcomes applications from all candidates who fulfil the specific profile of the activities, irrespective of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic or social origin, colour, religion, belief or sexual orientation.

Le Conseil de l’Europe accepte les candidatures de tous les candidats qui correspondent au profil spécifique des activités, quels que soient leur sexe, leur handicap, leur statut matrimonial ou parental, leur origine raciale, ethnique ou sociale, leur couleur, leur religion, leurs convictions ou leur orientation sexuelle.

The theme of the 2022 edition of the World Forum for Democracy is “Democracy: A new hope?”

The core content of the Forum will consist of discussions about successful initiatives and actions, which have real-life initiatives as a starting point. General guiding principles will then be drawn to encourage and support future policy responses and field action. In this context, the Youth Department will invite 50-60 young people to participate and engage with decision-makers and opinion-formers in a reflection on the question of Democracy and Information

This is an amazing opportunity to travel to France this year.


S.O.S. Democracy in distress

Are deepening social, cultural and economic divides fraying people’s trust? Are democratically elected politicians failing to address citizens’ concerns? Are traditional democratic models and processes simply too slow or inefficient to keep up in our fast-paced, tech-driven modern world? This is an opportunity to take a look at the full range of challenges and their root causes.

Can we swing back the pendulum?

We need to ask not just how government should adapt, but what role we might expect business, communities, civil society, individuals and the international community to play. The influence of each of these has changed over recent years, sometimes beyond recognition. So, whose responsibility is it really if we want to reboot democracy?

Democracy defended – From decline to renaissance?

Can we change it? Is it possible that the relentless rise of the Internet, Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse can conform to democratic principles? Might they in fact hold the key to making democracy fit for purpose in the twenty-first century? The international, rules-based order has had limited effectiveness in preventing democratic backsliding and its consequences, how could the Organisations and States promoting democracy address this? This 10th World Forum will look to what our ambitions should be for democracy today, over the next ten years, and far beyond.

Travel to France

World Forum for Democracy 2022 Details

  • Organisation: European Youth Centre – Strasbourg
  • Degree level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible: International
  • Location: France

Benefits of University of World Forum for Democracy 2022

  1. Travel Expenses (Travel to France)
  2. Visa Costs
  3. Boarding and Lodging facilities
  4. Accommodation
  5. Internet

Required Documents for World Forum for Democracy 2022

  1. Application Form
  2. Support Letter

Eligibility Criteria for World Forum for Democracy 2022

  1. Age between 18 – 30.
  2. Communicate in English.
  3. Actively engaged in Democracy initiative in civil society.
  4. Passionate to contribute to development of new ideas about youth and democracy.
  5. Participate fully in the forum from November 4th to 10th.
  6. Be ready to challenges, related to democracy.
  7. Demonstrate solution-focused ideas and visions about democracy.

Travel to France

How To Apply



Click Here for the application form
All candidates must apply in 2 parts:

An online application form should be completed by clicking the title of the Forum above (log in first!).
A short 1 minute video should be posted on YouTube, with the link attached to the online application form (see instructions below).
The application form must be submitted on-line before Tuesday 2 August 2022 CET 13:00 (1 p.m.), together with a support letter from your NGO/sending organization if this is appropriate. In case of technical problems with the use of the platform, please send an e-mail to youthapplications[at] .

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