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Benefits of Internships

benefits of internship

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The world has massively changed in so many ways. Couple of individuals are earning a ransom amount of money even without a degree certificate. This has made it really difficult to decide whether to start with real-world work experience to move toward your career path or to earn a degree in the sector you intend to work in. In any way, you can choose to enjoy the best of both worlds, which is fantastic news. You will graduate from an internship while earning your degree with the credentials you sought as well as the professional experience you need to get a job that puts you on your intended future career path and offers you a competitive edge in interviews.

An internship is a fantastic way to learn more about a field or job you might be interested in. Typically, internships are organised through an educational counsellor who may assist in matching you with a business that meets your professional objectives. You may decide if taking an internship is the best line of action for you by understanding the advantages of doing one.

These are known as internships that the school sponsors, and some of them may even provide you academic credit in addition to the professional experience you’ll earn working in a reputable setting. Even better, compared to trying to find an internship on your own, the school usually has contacts with businesses that they can use to place you in internships in your field of interest. Check out a few justifications for why you should give a school-sponsored internship some thought.

1. You Have a Wide Range of Industry and Career Options to Consider

The majority of degree programmes provide numerous employment choices across numerous industries. Through an internship, you can discover the various company models and job opportunities that align with your academic goals. Your chosen career path might alter, and you might discover that you prefer a different job that you hadn’t considered. Additionally, it will provide you the chance to investigate various business sizes and industry types in order to select the one that best fits your needs in terms of both your job and lifestyle.

I spent on my time on talent management over the course of the 12 weeks. I completed several tasks in management related to employee development by analysing their competencies and organising workshop, bootcamps as well as trainings. Moderating all these training was one of my favourite parts of this internship.

Arafat Mohammed Intern at Drb-Hicom (Malaysia)

2. You Can Create a Business Network

Networking is a key component of success in any career path you pick. To uncover professional prospects in your field, learn more about it, and cultivate contacts you might need for specific elements of your job, you’ll need to establish a strong network. In reality, by making connections with people in the sector, whether they be other industry professionals or coworkers, you have a better chance of landing a job in your preferred field.

3. You Can Apply Your Knowledge in the Professional World

Even though your college courses will teach you a lot, you might not fully grasp how to use these talents in the professional world. You will be able to put this knowledge and the many skill sets you learned throughout your study, such as soft skills, to the test through an internship funded by your institution. This will not only provide you the chance to apply all you have learned, but it will also enable you to identify the abilities you still need to develop.


4. You Can Strengthen Your Resume

Although having a college degree strengthens your CV, many employers are also searching for practical experience as the job market grows more competitive. An internship can give you the work experience that even entry-level jobs may require, providing you an advantage over other candidates for the same job. Companies would also appreciate the idea that you may be simpler to train or may be able to start working right away because you have experience in a professional environment.

5. You Can Improve Your Time Management and Communication Skills

Two of the most important abilities you will need in any type of employment are time management and communication. Although you can learn these abilities in a classroom, using them in a professional situation can help you understand their value and make better use of them. You organise your time at college in accordance with your personal and academic schedule. You must be able to manage deadlines around other people’s schedules when working for a firm. Additionally, you will hone your communication abilities when dealing with coworkers, clients, and bosses.

6. You Can Learn From Others

Although it may seem that learning from others is something that happens in virtually every situation, an internship will allow you to witness how other workers carry out their duties and make use of the abilities needed to succeed in those professions. Additionally, you will gain firsthand knowledge of what goes into the jobs you are interested in. By asking managers and coworkers if you may spend the day in their shoes to see how they work, you can position yourself to learn even more. You can also ask to observe meetings in order to learn how to behave professionally and how to express your opinions and ideas in the best way possible.

7. Observe how Professional Workplace Operates(Application of all theories from school)

Although you will study the fundamentals of business operations from your school texts and lectures, not all firms actually run in the same way. Through an internship, you will be able to see various organisational structures up close and personally experience the workflow and corporate culture. This will provide you a glimpse of a professional workflow process even though it might not be exactly how the company where you will be working operates. Everything from how workers interact and relate to one another to how the leadership structure works will be covered. With this information, you can more easily transition to your new work.

I had the opportunity to interact with many senior professionals in the field, and guests I hosted at Pos Aviation while working in a setting surrounded by leading smart individuals. My first internship and the knowledge and experience I gained in my schoolwork have both been extremely beneficial to my work.

Antaru Yahaya, Intern at Pos Aviation

8. A given chance to acquire a permanent placement.

Every student’s objective is to graduate from school and find employment in their chosen field of study as soon as possible. By taking advantage of internship possibilities, you can discover a job and an employer you’d like to work for in the future. You can demonstrate to that employer that you have the abilities and motivation to work in one of their entry-level roles by completing an internship. Since interns will already be familiar with the company and the job’s responsibilities, it will be simpler for them to integrate into the organisation with minimum extra training.

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