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Brunei Government Scholarship | Brunei Darussalam Scholarship 2023 | Fully Funded

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The Brunei Government Scholarship 2023–2024, applications are now being accepted. For those who desire to pursue further education in an Asian nation, this is a fantastic chance. Undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate studies are all eligible for scholarships in Brunei. For the Brunei Government Scholarship, any overseas student who meets the prerequisites and criteria is eligible to apply. These fully financed scholarships for overseas students are provided by the ministry of affairs of Brunei Darussalam.

Scholarships are available to help and assist gifted and exceptional students with strong academic records and to provide them with the knowledge and professional skills they need to succeed in today’s tough and fast-paced environment. The Brunei Government Scholarship seeks to boost the proportion of foreign students attending Brunei’s leading institutions by luring them to study there. This scholarship program will benefit the government and overseas students by offering them complete academic assistance. Potential students can choose from various majors and academic fields in Brunei.

The best institutions in Brunei, including KUPU SB, UBD, UNISSA, UTB, and PB, will host the students. Brunei scholarships are completely sponsored and offer a variety of advantages, such as waived tuition, free overseas travel, stipends, and other benefits including access to a large worldwide network and recognition on many platforms. Internationally chosen students have a greater opportunity of finding jobs, exposure, and experience in the demanding real-world environment.

Students must also consent to abide by the rules of the specific university they will attend as well as the rules of the Brunei government scholarship. International students are expected to respect Brunei Darussalam’s tradition, culture, norms, traditions, and religion. While engaging in cross-cultural and cultural exchange events is permitted, students should avoid getting involved in politics.

The length of an overseas scholarship varies depending on the program; for example, an undergraduate scholarship has a different term than one for a postgraduate degree program. Before applying, candidates must carefully review all of the information. Make sure to submit your application for the scholarship before the deadline expires.


Brunei Government Scholarship Application Summary

  • Scholarship Location: Brunei
  • Scholarship Package: Fully Funded
  • Institute: University Brunei Darussalam
  • Deadline: 02/15/2023


Brunei Government Scholarship Benefits

Brunei government scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program; hence, it will cover all expenses related to studying abroad. Benefits of the Brunei Darussalam Scholarship are provided below:

  • Successful students will get a 100% university tuition fee exemption.
  • Economy class air tickets for international travel will be provided from the student’s country to Brunei.
  • BND $500 will be provided as a monthly allowance.
  • BND $150 will be provided as a monthly meal allowance.
  • Students will receive a yearly book allowance of approx. BND 600.
  • Free accommodation will be provided.
  • Comprehensive health insurance for the duration of the scholarship.


Brunei Government Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Interested in applying for the fully funded scholarships in Brunei? Before applying for the scholarship, read the criteria and requirements to ensure eligibility.

  • Applicants must be international students.
  • Students from all countries can apply.
  • Students must be 18-25 years old if they are applying for the undergraduate or diploma program.
  • International students must be under 35 years old till July 2022 for the postgraduate degree program.
  • Applicants must not be permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam.
  • Students must not be getting support from any other grant, scholarship or academic award.
Application is also open for ETH Summer Internship 2023 in Switzerland

Brunei Government Scholarship Required Documents

  • Applicant’s passport-size photograph
  • A true certified copy of academic certificates.
  • A certified true copy of transcripts.
  • Certified English translation of documents for documents that are not in the English language.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Security clearance statement
  • Reference letter

How to Apply

  • The application process for the Brunei government scholarship is online.
  • Click on the “apply now” button below to apply.
  • Applicants must make sure to provide all the details carefully and correctly.
  • They must also mention their first and second choice programs and the same goes for university.
  • Applicant’s complete form must be submitted either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the national focal point.
  • Applicants must submit a security clearance statement, also known as no criminal activity statement, from their national security agency or police.
  • The maximum size of the attachment file is 10 MB; the application form and documents should be submitted in Word Document or PDF or JPG format (zip folder).

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