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Updates On Foreign Students Entry to Japan

Foreign Students Entry to Japan

New Measures of Entry into Japan

Foreign Students Entry to Japan. Following the removal of Covid-19 travel restrictions announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday, Japan has a new policy regarding the ease admission checks to accommodate many international students anxious to begin studying in the country.

Japan’s de facto entrance restriction, which has kept international students and employees out for over two years, has been eased with a swift and easy measure, according to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Although, students and host colleges are concerned that the country’s extensive admission screening process would cause significant delays in their arrival. 

Education Minister Shinsuke Suematsu mentioned the enormous number of overseas students waiting to enter Japan are huge; as such, he opted to work closely with relevant organisations to fix the problem and ensure that every student is permitted to enter the nation.

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CUrrent regulations to enter Japan

The current regulations include.

  • Universities that admit overseas students must produce six tangible papers such as.  
  • Written promise 
  • Activity calendar, and  
  • Passport copy

On top of these procedures, several government entities, including education, culture, sports, science, and technology, are engaged in an effort of swift and easy approval. Therefore, the government has decided to combine the screening procedure under one government agency and allow all paperwork to be filed online in an effort to pleas for simplicity.

Furthermore, in response to avoiding the previous screening procedure in last November, wherein the screenings were done in the sequence where the resident permits were given out. However, the entry date will solely depends on the timeline of the various Universities as well as the students plans. 


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Although the news of border easing is positive, the gate remains closed. All students are advised to hold off until an official announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or various Universities is made, which is expected to be given early or mid next week at the earliest before making arrangements for ticket purchase. 


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All info in this article ware extracted from various media sites and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official websites. 

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