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Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2022-23

The application deadline for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (QECS) 2022 is 24 May at 16:00 UTC.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth

Every year Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships program is announced for talented and young blood students of low-middle income developing countries students to help them in higher education to achieve the core theme of international cooperation and collaboration. The aim of offering Commonwealth international scholarships is to help in the financial matter of those students who cannot think to continue their studies due to hindrances and financial issues. As the pandemic is still going on, these international scholarships are hoped for the developing countries students to complete their higher studies without any financial burden.

The international students get the chance to work and study at world top-rated universities under the supervision of world-class mentors. In this way, the aim of Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarships for international students to green and clean developments in developing countries can be ensured by fulfilling the organization’s core mission of achieving sustainable development goals by helping to complete higher education for developing countries students. The visions of SDGs of universities can never be achieved without contributing modern and well-informed research, modern methods of teaching, and enthusiastic community involvement.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships Details

  • Location: Study in Commonwealth Countries
  • Host University: All Commonwealth Universities in different parts of the world.
  • Provider: Queen Elizabeth Program.
  • Scholarships Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Level of Study: Full Time Masters Degree Programs in all Fields.
  • Host Countries: These International Scholarships are at the Top Rated World universities in the following countries as given below available:
    1. Fiji
    2. Papua New Guinea
    3. South Africa
    4. Siri Lanka

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships benefits

One of the life-changing opportunities is offered to International students from developing countries to Study in Full-Time Masters Degree programs at Commonwealth Universities without any financial burden. It is time to apply for Masters studies. So students from developing countries can fulfill their dream of higher education and explore the beauty of different parts of the commonwealth countries in the world.

Scholarships Will get the following benefits as given below:

  •     Return economy flights to their host country
  •     Approved Full tuition fees.
  •     Stipend (living allowance) during the study.
  •     An arrival allowance.
  •     Thesis / Research support grant – on request only; subject to approval

List Of Host Universities For Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

  1. University of the South Pacific
  2. Papua New Guinea University of Technology
  3. North-West University
  4. Rhodes University
  5. Stellenbosch University
  6. University of Johannesburg
  7. University of Pretoria (UP)
  8. University of Venda
  9. University of Colombo
  10. University of Sri Jayewardenepura


Elizabeth International Scholarships enable talented and motivated students to gain the knowledge and skills required for sustainable development and are aimed at those who could not afford higher studies. Are you ready to apply for higher Studies at Any Commonwealth University on a Fully Funded Scholarship? All the expenses of the students will be covered during their study at Commonwealth university.

International Students from different parts of the world Can Apply for this International Scholarship program under Queen Elizabeth Scholarships at different top-rated Commonwealth Universities of the world. This is a Masters Scholarships program in which almost all academic fields and majors are available. All degree programs are taught in the English Language. Some commonwealth universities don’t require IELTS/TOEFL certificates to apply for masters degree programs at their university. So Students can apply with English Proficiency Certificate that can be obtained from their last institution. So these are the excellent scholarships without IELTS in top-rated universities of the world.

Degree Program / Field Of Studies

Scholarships are available to pursue Masters Degree in any commonwealth university of the commonwealth country.

University of the South Pacific:

  1. MA Applied Linguistics
  2. MA Development Studies
  3. MA Diplomacy & International Affairs
  4. MA Environmental Management
  5. MA Geography
  6. MA Governance
  7. MA History
  8. MA Journalism
  9. MA Linguistics
  10. MA Literature
  11. MA Major in Education
  12. MA Marine Management
  13. MA Mathematics
  14. MA Pacific Studies
  15. MA Politics/ International Affairs
  16. MA Psychology
  17. MA Social Policy
  18. MA Sociology
  19. Master of Agriculture (by thesis)
  20. Master of Commerce in Accounting (by thesis)
  21. Master of Commerce in Economics
  22. Master of Commerce in Official Statistics
  23. Master of Commerce in Population Studies & Demography
  24. Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting
  25. Master of Education
  26. Master of Environmental Law
  27. Master of Law
  28. MSc Biology
  29. MSc Chemistry
  30. MSc Computing Science
  31. MSc Earth Science
  32. MSc Engineering
  33. MSc Environmental Science
  34. MSc Geospatial Science
  35. MSc Information Systems
  36. MSc Marine Science
  37. MSc Mathematics
  38. MSc Physics

Papua New Guinea University of Technology:

  1. MSc Agriculture
  2. MSc Applied Physics
  3. MTech Exploration Geophysics
  4. MEng Civil Engineering
  5. MEng Mechanical Engineering
  6. Master of Engineering in Communication Engineering
  7. MCS Master of Communication Studies

North-West University:

  1. MA Positive Psychology
  2. Master of Consumer Sciences
  3. Master of Health Sciences in Cardiovascular Physiology
  4. Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Psychology
  5. Master of Health Sciences in Counselling Psychology
  6. Master of Health Sciences in Health Professions Education
  7. Master of Health Sciences in Human Movement Sciences
  8. Master of Health Sciences in Occupational Hygiene
  9. Master of Health Sciences in Psychology
  10. Master of Health Sciences in Recreation Science
  11. Master of Health Sciences in Research Psychology
  12. Master of Health Sciences in Transdisciplinary Health Promotion
  13. Master of Nursing Science
  14. Master of Social Work
  15. Master of Social Work in Child Protection
  16. Master of Social Work in Forensic Practice
  17. MPharm Pharmacy Practice
  18. MSc Dietetics
  19. MSc Nutrition
  20. MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  21. MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences
  22. MSc Pharmaceutics
  23. MSc Pharmacology

Rhodes University:

  1. MSc Science
  2. MA Humanities
  3. MCOM Commerce
  4. LLM Law
  5. MPharm Pharmacy
  6. Masters Education

Stellenbosch University:

  1. MEng Process Engineering
  2. MPhil Pediatrics
  3. MPhil Infectious Diseases

University of Johannesburg:

  1. Health and Life Sciences
  2. Physical Sciences
  3. Engineering and Mathematics Accountancy and Finance
  4. Social sciences
  5. Arts and Humanities

University of Pretoria (UP):

  1. Master Research courses and not coursework

University of Venda:

  1. Health sciences
  2. Management, Commerce, and Law
  3. Humanities, Social Science and Education
  4. Science, Engineering, and Agriculture

University of Colombo:

  1. MSc Molecular Life Sciences
  2. MSc Cellular and Molecular Immunology

University of Sri Jayewardenepura:

  1. Master of Business Administration

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships Eligibility

Candidates must fulfil the following criteria to avail this Scholarship for their study.

  1. Be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country
  2. Students must hold a bachelor’s degree.
  3. There is no age limit.

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How To Apply

  1. A student needs to first register a MyACU account.
  2. A student needs to provide all required details including personal information, academic records, employment experiences, and the course you are wishing to apply for.
  3. The applicant needs to make sure that the relevant course exists in the university for which he/she wants to apply for admission.
  4. The applicant also needs to upload statements that include a Study Plan / Research plan, post-study outreach, development impact, and other relevant data.
  5. Applicant needs to make sure, that all the required documents must have prior to the application process So he/she can are uploaded them carefully.
  6. Complete your application carefully and submit it.
  7. The applicants will receive a notification after submission the application successfully.

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