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Bucharest Summer University Summer School 2022 In Romania

Deadline: 07 June 2022.

Bucharest Summer

Are you Ready to Attend a Fully Funded Summer School in Europe, Romania? Good News, The Bucharest Summer University is finally announced its Summer School 2022 Program to explore the beauty of Romania & Experience its cultural values for up to 2 weeks. This International Summer School program is open to University students from all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.). It will cover all the major expenses of the selected students under the Fully Funded Scholarship. Do not miss the chance to apply for this year’s great event in Europe.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies is a public university in Bucharest, Romania, which is founded in 1913 as the Academy of Higher-level Commercial and Industrial Studies. It is one of the largest economic higher education institutes in both Romania and South-Eastern Europe at this time.

This International Summer Student Exchange program in Bucharest awards you a lot of activities that will test your capabilities and intensities, along with all the fun and entertainment that you can get, all in a stunning two-week adventure. Do not miss the chance to apply for an experience this year! It is an excellent chance to explore a new country, a lot of new personalities from all over the world and learn a lot of useful knowledge.

The Bucharest Summer University, Summer School is one of the Fully Funded Summer schools that not only offers Fully Funded Scholarship but also partial scholarships and self participation is offered. Everyone from all over the world can participate in this Bucharest Summer School 2022 event. Whether you are a Graduate or an Undergraduate, it does not matter as you can apply for this program from any part of the world. No IELTS is Required for the Bucharest Summer School 2022 as well there is No Application Fee. So don’t miss this 2 weeks Free Cultural Study in Romania.

Bucharest Summer University Summer School 2022 Details

  • Host Country: Summer School in Romania
  • Duration of Summer School: 2 Weeks (14th to 28th August 2022)
  • Summer School Offered: Bucharest University, Romania
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Degree Level: There are No Educational Background Restrictions

Bucharest Summer University Summer School 2022 benefits

There Are Three Types Of Applications As Mentioned Below:

  1.  Fully Funded Scholarship
  2.  Partial Funded Scholarship
  3.  Self-Payment Application.

Fully Funded Scholarship

This Summer School Organization Will Cover All The Expenses Of The Selected Applicants. The Following Expenses Will Be Covered By Bucharest Summer School

  1. Accommodation
  2. 3 Meals Per Day
  3. Domestic Transport
  4. Weekend Trip
  5. Courses and Cultural Activities

Partial Funded Application / Self-Payment Application

You can also apply through the Partial Payment Application and Total Payment Application. Price and requirements are different for both the application process. Visit the official website for more information.

Bucharest Summer University Summer School 2022 Required documents

Technical requirements:

  1. 1200 words
  2. Text format: Times New Roman, Size 12, Spacing 1,5
  3. Save and upload it as a WORD document

Essay guidelines:

  1. Choose and describe an appropriate subject according to the essay’s main topic
  2. Give examples and facts
  3. Explain different issues regarding the topic and present solutions
  4. Present your own point of view on the main topic

Essay structure:

  1. Short intro with your motivation and the subject discussed
  2. Presentation of the issue regarding FinTech vs traditional financial services
  3. Your opinion about the issue
  4. Conclusion

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How To Apply

Write your own Curriculum Vitae, complete the Application Form, and, depending upon the application method you choose, the essay or the motivation letter. Students must have to apply online. All application process is online.

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